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might be getting a Konica 35 fd (aka auto s3)

I think i might be recieving this as a birthday present!
since my birthday is coming up 3 weeks later Wohoo!

and it wont hurt if i had the
AT-X 116 PRO DX 11 to 16mm 2.8 woohh!O

Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 AF-S

Im going to be broke~

went to Nikko, Edo Park, and Trick Museum

gonna update on things later
really tired after 2 days of travelling
and em..

here is what i found when i was fooling around in


also saw a video by Nightmare’s Project Sendai Kamotsu

gonna learn this song

and listening to


polaroid, originally uploaded by ANNIELY.

Annie tried to microwave her Polaroids and they ended up like this.
what a great experiment! hahaha.

A photo of my by Pikahamuko!`

DSCF5067, originally uploaded by pikahamuko_517.

hahah while tarop was taking a photo of me Pikahamuko took a picture of me too.


photo is taken and uploaded by

so wanna visit Po Po chan to take photos of him!


very cool star trail photo by Tarop
Tarop, originally uploaded by Mijonju.

hahah my turn to take a photo of Tarop

Tarop Took a photo of me

, originally uploaded by tarop.

we were in shibuya and he took a snap of me.
please visit tarop’s photostream at