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A photo of my by Pikahamuko!`

DSCF5067, originally uploaded by pikahamuko_517.

hahah while tarop was taking a photo of me Pikahamuko took a picture of me too.

Flickr meeting

dinner with:

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And today I finally got

The past few days

People ask me, isn’t OTORO the best?
I tell them yes, but that doesn’t mean I must like it?
I love the great blend between the highest and the normal.

I love the CHU (middle)

My Favorite CHUTORO!

Eating Sushi with the one I cannot live without.

The thing that makes my life complete (maguro + Ika)

The shotGUN, 80% wasabi inside

5 Master Sets

the amount I have eaten 


This guy fell asleep on my shoulders.. zZZzzZZZ oh… wth..
embarrassingly every one was looking at me. 

I took a picture of a slug attached the car’s window,
thought it’d be interesting to take a picture.

Guess what im having for dinner?

In a sushiya now, called the “Gatten” This is where I usually hang out after I get my salary.

My favoite is this!! The Otoro! Yummy!!

Fried Karaage 

Jyo Maguro

Forgot the name but its a better version ikka

Spinning, they spinnin

the blue logo is the logo of the sushiya