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film test

Just uploaded a batch to my flickr
here is my conclusion for the Kodak Portra

this film is soooo good on skin tones.
and it absolutely sucks up the blue like a sponge.

the contrast and detail is beautiful too.

it also somehow kills the black when its to dark, as if the blue tone was brought up.
its definately a good film for the night.

My presents

One from my wife one from my daughter

Reskinning a 1000yen Minolta Hi-Matic F

I had to reskin this camera because all the leather was half peeled off,  thats why it cost
1000 yen so after i got it I peeled them off and i scrapped out the dry glue. and started
to clean the inside. I also brought a 475yen wooden skin for it. I started tracing with an
art knife and got the size correct.

I decided to make one side horizontal and the other side vertical just to see which style
suites the Black Minolta Hi-Matic 7s.

See it? vertical seems better.  When I totally renewed this minolta ill post more photos.
now it needs some soldering to tune it up to use 1.5v batteries (alkaline) since mercury
is illegal now

My wisdom tooth

Got it ripped out the day before yesturday, it was great even thought I still feel the pain I am sure I will feel better then before. why would I wanna extract my wisdom tooth? Because I am born with those strange ones, those vertical ones. Hahaha.. But I think it’ll be alright once they are taken off.

I’ll take the other one off next year


Effects from camera bag, iPhone. I can take polaroids with my iPhone now yeahhhh


Purple seems like the next years trend

肉巻 here i come!!!

Saw this ok the tv a couple of days ago and here I am!! I’m woo gonna get one, looks delicious as hell!