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Canon Demi EE17

Canon Demi EE17

from side, Ill take a better one next time.
A half-frame camera is a camera using a film format at half the intended exposure format. A common variety is the 18x24mm format on regular 135 film. It is the normal exposure format on 35mm movie cameras. For still cameras using the 35mm film, the usual format is 24x36mm, so still cameras taking 18x24mm exposures are called half-frame cameras.

There was a vogue of half-frame cameras in the 1960s, mainly from Japan, originating with the Olympus Pen models. It allowed to build a very compact camera, yet using the regular film that can be bought anywhere, unlike the other subminiatures that used exotic films (16mm, 9.5mm, etc.). This vogue ended when cameras like the Rollei 35 or the Olympus XA showed that it was possible to make cameras as small as the half-frame ones, but taking full 24x36mm exposures.

With a half-frame camera, one can fit twice as many pictures onto a standard roll of film. For example, 72 exposures on a 36-exposure roll, 48 on a 24-exposure one, and so on.

The most advanced half-frame camera that was designed as such from the start is the Olympus Pen F single lens reflex.

For some specific needs, there were cameras originally designed for full-frame pictures that were produced in very small series as half-frame models, for example some Leica, Nikon or Robot rangefinders, and some Alpa SLRs. These are mainly interesting as collectibles.
– from wikipedia.

This is a negative of a half frame camera's film.
this is what a half frame film looks like

This is a negative of a full frame camera's film.
this is what a full frame film looks like

Canon Demi EE17's View Finder.
this is inside the View finder of Canon Demi EE17

I give 2 stars to this camera..
its not a very good camera, but it looks cool
its not as small as it looks, its heavy too.

Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 AF-S

Im going to be broke~

Am I cursed?

I woke up this morning and thinking about my past few days.

I remembered that there was 1 time when my a computer in my office couldn’t go online.
the delievering seals could not be printed in time for the goods to be delievered.
the manager too the entire day trying to fix it.

In his frustration, during lunch time I could see his appetite wasn’t as good as usual
so when we returned to the office after lunch, I found a way and I fixed it.
The Computer could go online. And so here’s the thing NO ONE THANKED ME.
No one said a thing, as if it I was suppose to do it. Why? why is people treating me that way?
I am a human that deserves a little praise from time to time.

That’s why I am very sure that leaving this company is the right choice.
because I know that someone out there would appreciate people work and help.

Talking alittle about working with Hong Kong people (maybe its only in my office)
First thing in the moring, Everyone has a black face, they don’t greet anyone unless you
do first. (bad manners?)

I once asked my other manager “Mr T” why are they like that? he told me,
that, that makes them look serious in their work, And because you are always smiling
that makes you look like you dont care for your work.

That sound Ridiculous to me as hell. I asked my Wife if thats what happens in her company?
she said no, everyone greets with each other.

Maybe If i was born and raised in Hong Kong I wouldn’t mind not giving any responds to everyone.
, but in my nature. I greet when I enter and I greet when I leave.

ahhhh I’ve been thinking so much these days. It strange how my Boss told me that he would fire me.
But he told me to write a letter of resignation. WTH?

Since this is my first company I donno if other companies are this unorganised too.
worried if they might see my blog? Nah they don’t give a shit about what I do, Looking at my blog would seem never.

Inconsiderate person that puts their freaking bag on the other chair prevent people to sit. Must be one lonely man