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Visited today

saw some really cool digital lomo cameras!
especially the new vivicam 5050

just like the vista quest, but with 5.0 pix! 
and a very cool F2.8 aperture.
the only thing im worried about is the loading speed!
my KENKO DSC517 loads forever to get to the shooting screen.
just my worries.

the following are some photos taken with the vivicam 5050
Images are taken from (please visit the site if you want to buy) 

Gonna sync my iphone and go to sleep

Gonna sync it, Take a shower and end my day for another one for tomorrow.
since i got all my protections I really wish that days with good weather would arrive soon.
I need some exercise~ getting fat with all the ramen, sushi and other mouth watering food. 
Added some photos in my flickr with my lomo Kenko Dsc517.

Not many people know that Digital Lomo cameras DOES exist..

AGFA made new lomo digitals



 the other color



to see the pictures taken with this camera go to and click Gallery