In a ラメン屋(RamenYa) for lunch

FIrst of all I would like to say. That blogging on the iphone is a pain. or maybe I need to have more training.
Alright back to the main point. I live around Adachiku Ayase, tried many different Restaurants and kinda have dots connected around my area.

Was searching for new ramen shops. found one so I went in and took a sit.
Made my order, a normal chuka soba (chinese style ramen), fried rice and gyoza (dumplings)
If you come to Japan you’d probably notice that the basic, regular standard Ramen thats around Japan is the CHU KA SOBA.

It was horrible. The noodle was the worst kind, the meat was slim. What a bad experiance. I’m black listing this place for sure. I dont like to complain much, this time.. hai..

(self reminder)
Ill remember the name of the restaurant (Cha Pan) at the Ayase station)


Work Work Watching!

Just finished taking a shower and saw some youtube vids
its called WORK WORK WATCHING from The World Of Golden Eggs

Gonna sync my iphone and go to sleep

Gonna sync it, Take a shower and end my day for another one for tomorrow.
since i got all my protections I really wish that days with good weather would arrive soon.
I need some exercise~ getting fat with all the ramen, sushi and other mouth watering food. 
Added some photos in my flickr with my lomo Kenko Dsc517.

Not many people know that Digital Lomo cameras DOES exist..

AGFA made new lomo digitals



 the other color



to see the pictures taken with this camera go to and click Gallery

Went to Ginza today to get some work done.

Went out early in the morning in a car. And Took lots of Photos for Serena Company as survey on window displays. I got bared at by several security guards, but I just pretend and look away. take photos of other stuffs. (id probably use gaijin smash to get away from this)

New photos will be updated in my Flickr

by the way today I went to chiyoda to get some protective knee pads and hip pads
gonna start skating again once the rain stops.

its been raining all day and night, here in tokyo.

the weather is strange as hell, just like other parts of the world
I really wonder if we might die after the year 2012..
maybe?, maybe not? who am I to be sure of? haha.


Still trying to understand how I can put photos on word press. Now I finally understand now. My next stop will be takadanobaba. I’m on my way to meet my fianće.


In koma

How all this started

Just made this wordpress while standing here on the nishi nippori station, waiting for the train.