Well, woke up around 10am in the morning,
today was a holiday so~ anyway, I wanted to
study japanese and yes i did for about 2 hours.
then check the auction cos i was looking at
45mm f2.8 P. Then I checked my flickr and there
where no new activities. what a shame
I donno if my photos suck or I dont have enough
contact, yes I admit that I haven’t been updating
for long. Went out for some rollarblading, then it
started raining. (just as predicted) came back
home watched the latest episode of Dexter,
Miguel is gonna die for sure :D, after watching
Dexter I downloaded the latest chapter of naruto
ya seems like kakashi is nearly dead (there was like
1 page of him about to chat with his father about
his life, and he said it will be a long story, so i guess
he’ll die on the next chapter (clearly dead)
its funny how Masashi Kishimoto is killing off his
characters 1 by 1, donno hope it gets better
then I actually freaking won the bid again with the 45mm
(youll be seeing it soon) wow and i can’t wait to watch
Heroes and Prison Break tomorrow, after work.

Oh and i saw a commercial on tv 2 weeks ago about
Intel Centrino it was pretty obvious those 2 chicken
were Hitori de dekirumon and Tetsuki.

found a nice site too:

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