pocket juicer stand

brought this a couple of days ago, took a photo of it in the car and drank it.
tasted just like calpis even though it said it contains coconuts..
this photo was taken with my new lens “nikkor 50mm f/1.2”

    • anka
    • October 3rd, 2008

    hee..ee….thx for being nice…
    but my family problems are really hard for anyone to solve…
    so many things are going on now…
    i applied for US citizenship last month and it costs $675…
    man….money is flying away from me…
    also,,,school starts,,,many hw too much stress,,,
    i cried like a bitch for getting a B for last semester
    gonna push myself a little harder…
    but in fact i just wanna disappear,,,i can go anywhere without worrying anything,,,i wish this will come true
    u and i both know the answer right?
    i can’t go anywhere,,,i’m too stupid to leave/live by myself
    i always get lost can’t even take care of myself…
    so maybe ,,,maybe a few more years of trainning would do…

    How about you?Howz ur life? I always feel happiness coming from u.

  1. did you watch JUMPER? you should see that movie!
    your english is way beyond improvisation already Anka!
    you are going to turn out to be strong and powerful 1 day.
    and real soon!

    • anka
    • October 3rd, 2008

    yeah!!i actually did watch it!a very exciting movie!!
    but what people on earth deserve that kind of power?i know i don’t…

    Thank you for everything,,,including giving me this place to bullshit
    itz hard to find a place to express feelings nowadays…

    anyways^^my birthday is coming up soon
    can u give me a birthday present??
    That’s my first birthday Wish!!

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