Visited today

saw some really cool digital lomo cameras!
especially the new vivicam 5050

just like the vista quest, but with 5.0 pix! 
and a very cool F2.8 aperture.
the only thing im worried about is the loading speed!
my KENKO DSC517 loads forever to get to the shooting screen.
just my worries.

the following are some photos taken with the vivicam 5050
Images are taken from (please visit the site if you want to buy) 

  1. My Girl took out the memory card and lost the current pics, can they be retrieved somehow?

  2. hahah what do you mean? you mean you used a vivitar 5050?
    are the photos in the card or in the camera? if you lost the card.. then sorry can’t help you at all, but if the photos are in the camera itself then you can use a USB cable to take them out from the Vivitar 5050

    • enni
    • April 13th, 2009

    Hola mana! Me encantan las camaras! seguro q son super pequeñas. Amonos pai, no?jajajaja. muchos besitos cuidate

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