I told my boss that I was gonna Quit.

This evening I told my boss that I was Quitting on the phone.
he exploded, he was extremely pissed about it.

I know I somehow felt like I betrayed him, because I said
I would stay for long. Well I really didn’t know how to approach to this problem.
I could feel his disappointment, but I really have to do this.
Its for my future and my life. I dont live for anyone, but myself.
Yes, correct. I’m a selfish person, I have feelings too, but its just that
the alter ego in me is complicated he’s name is Jones.
My name is Michel, together we are one. he’s like a conscience with a big Ambition.

Its not like an easy way out or something.
I wanna do this because I want to be with my future wife.
and working in my current company, isn’t a good choice after some serious consideration

1. Its too far away from my home.

2. salary is not high enough for my expenses. (makes me feel unworthy) I can get more for my
effort thats applied.

3. What I’m doing in my company is nothing of my interest. (its nothing to do with design)

4. Can’t communitcate with colleagues (I don’t know how to read chinese)
(partially my faulty for not learning)

5. The company’s work is too time consuming morning 9am till 7+ pm (not a big deal, but it builds up)

6. My work is blur. No one tells me whats going on (they dont like to type in English)

And the following (self reflections)

1. I dont know how to read chinese
2. I don’t have a good memory

Im gonna break this down for my own analysis.

What I am in Knowledge of is not applied in my work.
that means what I do is not what I’m good at, therefore a fair or below
average performance in work is applied.
and so my worth to the company is not high.
I feel that I can be more worthy if I was doing what I do best.

The Work time is created by the work load. And even so I don’t get paid for OTs.
the work load is unmeasurable. and has no limits (don’t know when to stop)
and always have a feeling on unease at the end of the day. because work is not over.
its not a big problem to me, I really dont mind working long hours. As long as I get
paid for the effort I put in. And my work is dangerous, Accidents happen easily in my work.
I don’t want to be Insured by insurance. I want my Hands, or any part of my body to be safe.

So all these are my problems. I know that the company is fresh and new thats why it needs
a lot of improvisation.

I’ve already decided. This is my little memo to make myself feel Grateful or Regretful in the future.
its part of my methodologies of living.

What is living? Doing something productive to yourself?
do what you like to do?
do what other like to do. and help them in achieving them?
What kind of person am I?
its all unknown factors.
I know who I live for and I know who needs me more.

Here is a message to myself…. Hope that when you read this again.
You’d be glad, what you’ve decided.

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