Ever get bitten by Mosquitoes? I really hate them, not because they bite me. Im a very generous person, giving a little blood away means nothing to me, but the fact is that after being bitten, I get repaid by itches and pains! The swell is ridiculously disturbing as well. That makes me hate to be bitten.
Recently got a Mosquito Light trap, seems to be working pretty well. Since I found some mosquito corpse, I felt pretty relieved because i heard that these things doesn’t work that well (after I bought it)

Oh well gonna take a shower,
well before that I gonna watch a video I made~ about walking around in japan a few Months ago

The reason I chose wordpress for blogging out of so many others is that I could actually live update it with my iphone when I see something interesting.

iphone 3g

iphone 3g

also thought of visiting the Pikey cafe

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